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This post will excite and inspire keen motorcyclists to explore the great outdoors. Below are some of the most challenging, fun, thrill-seeking, beautiful (you get my drift) locations for riders. Voted by riders themselves, lets take a look at the tourist hot spots for bikers.


Alpines and Dolomites

While zooming past the picturesque Dolomite mountains in Italy, you’ll enter at least 10 winding mountain pass roads per day.


Chile and Argentina

While you are riding through Osorno to Puerto Varas you will get to see the fantastic Orsono volcano.


Sao Paolo to Rio Janeiro

The route from Alphaville to Campos do Jorda is a beautiful setting surrounded by  winding country roads, rural towns and coffee plantations.


Cte d’Azur and Provence

Gorges-Du-Loup invites you to some of the most stunning sea views. Riders can continue north or west for more riding amidst beach or forest.




Rome to Istanbul via Greece

A hill-filled ride through the ancient towns of Birgi and Sardes in Turkey  presents a very challenging trip through unfinished forest roads.


Cape Town to Johannesburg

This route features several breath-taking surroundings. Features include deep canyons and flat grasslands.


Australia’s East Coast

The Great Ocean Drive in Victoria’s Southern Ocean coast is home to some of the most stunning views in Australia. With challenging and exciting routes, it is far from boring.

Australia's East Coast

Australia's East Coast


Southern Norway

Experience the Lysebotn’s incredible 36 hairpin bends and the impressive sloping tunnel that turns almost 360.


Christchurch to Auckland

The road from Te Anau to Queenstown is the best part of the trip, as it meanders  through lakes, mountain sides and coastline, culminating in a ride along the  coast of the Tasman Sea


The Western Alps

Providing panoramic views, The Southern Alpine pass of Col du Galibier  follows  the same route as one of the Tour de France’s most challenging legs.

So guys, those are the top 10 international motorcycle routes voted by riders. Know you are equipped with the best locations, what’s stopping you?



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0% Finance On Rukka Clothing

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We love this new offer from Infinity Motorcycles – 0% finance on Rukka Clothing in 2012.


Rukka Alex Gore Tex Jacket

Here’s what the guys over at Infinity had to say about the offer:

“Rukka clothing is popular with people who ride everyday because it works really well and carries on working year after year” states Infinity’s Central London Manager Keith Roissetter. “It’s not cheap, but when you calculate the cost over several years you realise it’s really good value. By spreading the cost with 0% finance riders can enjoy the benefits without the pain of paying in full up front.”

View their whole Rukka motorcycle clothing range online.

Stylish and Practical Luggage

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The Kriega range of rucksacks has been labelled as one of the ‘best selling’ luggage manufacturers.

Kriega is a small Bristish company based in Chester, with only 5 members of staff.  All products are designed in-house with an emphasis on quality and resistance.


The most popular rucksack is the Kriega R25. The R25 is made with Kriega’s own tried and tested system, quick release Quadloc harness. Unique to the rucksack industry, Kriega’s harness system, transfers the load onto the hips and chest, decreasing the majority of the load from the shoulders erasing  neck strain, experienced by regular rucksacks. The rucksack boasts a staggering 25 litre capacity, high visibility Schoeller material on both front and back, full width polypropylene plates and impact foam which protects the rider from pack contents. With no arm restriction, the R25 provides maximum support and stability for long distance journeys.


Kriega rucksacks are specifically designed for motorcycles both in terms of features and performance. Stability is one of the most important atrributes to a rucksack. Kriega’s R30 is impressive, allowing a whole 30 litre capacity. It boasts maximum support and comfort, including full width polypropylene plates and impact foam that isolates the rider from the rucksacks contents.


The Kriega Hydro 3 Rucksack  has been designed specifically as an active riding pack with Kriega’s Quadloc harness system. The pack comes with an adjustable back-length and unrestricted underarm movement. The clever fact about this bag is that once set, the pack is exceptionally convenient to use. The adjustable pack allows the pack position to be used up to allow large waistpacks to be worn.

The hydra 3 litre reservoir includes: Easyflo valve and shut-off mechanism, FDA approved polyurethane, plug n’ play, insulated UV-neoprene tube cover and is fully reversible, perfect for cleaning and drying.



Get your Kriega rucksack today!

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Your first bike: What to wear

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Did you know that motorcycle clothing is as equally important as the bike itself?

Riding gear is designed to make you feel comfortable and most importantly to protect you in an accident.

Even if the sun is glorious outside, that does not excuse anyone from wearing motorcycle clothing. Even if the roads are dry and visibility is clMotorcycle Clothingear, unfortunately that does not mean a accident will not arise. You need to be protected at all times.

It is important to purchase well-designed clothing.

The best waterproof suit on the market at the moment is the Spada System suit. Made with waterproof and windproof nylon, it guarantees maximum protection from the rain and wind. It also comes with waterproof zips and arm adjusters. To ensure maximum warmth, the suit has a removable quilted thermal lining. It has reflective panels so it will make you visible in the foggy weather conditions.

The Spada design also comes in a two piece suit, called the Spada 410. Some riders prefer the two-piece as it is quicker to put on and take off, which can be handy for toilet breaks! It comes equipped with the same features as the one-piece, plus a separate carry bag.

It is vital to protect your hands. They can be crushed or broken far too easily. Leather gloves with long gauntlets should likewise have impact protection on the knuckles and palms, and even wrists. Motorcycle clothing

To maximise protection, invest in a good helmet. As a legal requirement in Europe, it is important to consider these factors when choosing a helmet: is it comfortable? Is it competitively priced? Does it fit properly?

Motorcycle clothing can be expensive, but can you put a price on life?

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Five motorcylists who were controversially charged of causing death during a collision with a couple in a car have been cleared.

The group had been charged with causing death by careless driving of Bradford couple Dean and Helen Slater, who collided with a car while riding.

The charges of Paul Wheater, 29, Ian Townson, 31, Michael Paul Hannon, 26, David Hastings, 27, and Dax Lerman, 28, were cleared by a judge after the prosecution failed to produce sufficient evidence.

The five defendants, all from West Yorkshire, were arrested after simultaneous dawn raids on their homes in November.

But the charges were dismissed at Leeds Crown Court.


With so many products on the market these days, it can be confusing as to which helmet is best value for money and the one that will ensure most protection and comfort.

So how can you distinguish a good helmet from the rest of the bunch? Well, you have to use your head…literally!

It is very important to get the perfect fit. Don’t just go by recommendations, helmets fit everyone differently, so a helmet that suits your mate, may not suit you – so always try helmets on before buying. Fit should always come before price. The better the fit, the more protection and comfort you will receive.

When buying a helmet, always make sure that the shop assistant measures your head. You would be suprised by the number of motorcyclists who drive around wearing a helmet that is too big for them.

If you can, always opt for a shell shape. Motorcycle helmets should act as a second skull with no excessive movement when fitted.

Once you have bought your helmet, you need to look after it. Always clean the helmet will warm water and avoid using aggressive products containing a lot of addictives.

Carry your helmet using the fastened strap or in a helmet bag.

If you look after your motorcycle helmets

, they will look after you.

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Welcome to Life On Two Wheels!

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Love life in the fast-lane?

We do too and that’s why we dedicate this blog to anything and everything about motorcycling.

Ideal for those that are mad about motorcycling, Life On Two Wheels will share interesting information from finding the perfect motorcycle clothing to how to be safe on the road.

Happy Riding,