Stylish and Practical Luggage

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Kriega range of rucksacks has been labelled as one of the ‘best selling’ luggage manufacturers.

Kriega is a small Bristish company based in Chester, with only 5 members of staff.  All products are designed in-house with an emphasis on quality and resistance.


The most popular rucksack is the Kriega R25. The R25 is made with Kriega’s own tried and tested system, quick release Quadloc harness. Unique to the rucksack industry, Kriega’s harness system, transfers the load onto the hips and chest, decreasing the majority of the load from the shoulders erasing  neck strain, experienced by regular rucksacks. The rucksack boasts a staggering 25 litre capacity, high visibility Schoeller material on both front and back, full width polypropylene plates and impact foam which protects the rider from pack contents. With no arm restriction, the R25 provides maximum support and stability for long distance journeys.


Kriega rucksacks are specifically designed for motorcycles both in terms of features and performance. Stability is one of the most important atrributes to a rucksack. Kriega’s R30 is impressive, allowing a whole 30 litre capacity. It boasts maximum support and comfort, including full width polypropylene plates and impact foam that isolates the rider from the rucksacks contents.


The Kriega Hydro 3 Rucksack  has been designed specifically as an active riding pack with Kriega’s Quadloc harness system. The pack comes with an adjustable back-length and unrestricted underarm movement. The clever fact about this bag is that once set, the pack is exceptionally convenient to use. The adjustable pack allows the pack position to be used up to allow large waistpacks to be worn.

The hydra 3 litre reservoir includes: Easyflo valve and shut-off mechanism, FDA approved polyurethane, plug n’ play, insulated UV-neoprene tube cover and is fully reversible, perfect for cleaning and drying.



Get your Kriega rucksack today!

Happy Riding,




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