Top 10 International Motorcycle Routes

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

This post will excite and inspire keen motorcyclists to explore the great outdoors. Below are some of the most challenging, fun, thrill-seeking, beautiful (you get my drift) locations for riders. Voted by riders themselves, lets take a look at the tourist hot spots for bikers.


Alpines and Dolomites

While zooming past the picturesque Dolomite mountains in Italy, you’ll enter at least 10 winding mountain pass roads per day.


Chile and Argentina

While you are riding through Osorno to Puerto Varas you will get to see the fantastic Orsono volcano.


Sao Paolo to Rio Janeiro

The route from Alphaville to Campos do Jorda is a beautiful setting surrounded by  winding country roads, rural towns and coffee plantations.


Cte d’Azur and Provence

Gorges-Du-Loup invites you to some of the most stunning sea views. Riders can continue north or west for more riding amidst beach or forest.




Rome to Istanbul via Greece

A hill-filled ride through the ancient towns of Birgi and Sardes in Turkey  presents a very challenging trip through unfinished forest roads.


Cape Town to Johannesburg

This route features several breath-taking surroundings. Features include deep canyons and flat grasslands.


Australia’s East Coast

The Great Ocean Drive in Victoria’s Southern Ocean coast is home to some of the most stunning views in Australia. With challenging and exciting routes, it is far from boring.

Australia's East Coast

Australia's East Coast


Southern Norway

Experience the Lysebotn’s incredible 36 hairpin bends and the impressive sloping tunnel that turns almost 360.


Christchurch to Auckland

The road from Te Anau to Queenstown is the best part of the trip, as it meanders  through lakes, mountain sides and coastline, culminating in a ride along the  coast of the Tasman Sea


The Western Alps

Providing panoramic views, The Southern Alpine pass of Col du Galibier  follows  the same route as one of the Tour de France’s most challenging legs.

So guys, those are the top 10 international motorcycle routes voted by riders. Know you are equipped with the best locations, what’s stopping you?



Happy Riding,


  1. Matt Castro says:

    Great post. You should post the route details you’d take.

  2. grit (@grit) says:

    Nice list… lots to think about and plan.

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