Top 5 Motorcycle Stunts

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Nobody knows the answer to why motorcyclists risk their lives in daring and life-threatening stunts. But what we do know is, is motorcyclists like Robbie Knievel and Robbie Maddison inspire us to be motorcylists because of their sheer fearlessness and passion for the sport.

Lets take a look at the most popular motorcycle stunts:

5 | Backwards at 122mph

In 1979, Bob Duffey stunned crowds when he rode backwards at a speed of 122mph. No one has tried it since. The talented motorcyclist can even do a backwards wheelie, impressive huh?! And it does not end there, Duffey has also jumped over a helicopter with its rotors going full speed, nice.

4 | Jump for the Sky

People thought no one could beat Robbie Maddison’s extreme jump of 350 feet back in 2008. But then Ryan Capes came along, jumping a staggering 390 feet months after him in July 2008. The event happened in Royal City, Wash, leaving fans stunned and roaring with excitement. Capes vows to push further if anyone attempts to beat him. He goal is to hit 400 foot.

3 | Evel Rides the Canyon

Even the thought of this sends a shiver down my spine! After being refused by the U.S Department to jump over the Grand Canyon, Evel Knievel jumped over the Snake River Canyon – but that wasn’t enough. It wasn’t until 1999 when Knievel gained permission, did he finally jump over the portion of the Grand Canyon. On May 30th, he soared the skys, jumping an impressive 231 feet.

2| Jumping a Casino

January 2009 saw the event  when Robbie Maddison soared to the top of the replica Parisian monument Arc de Triomphe that sits in front of the Paris casino in Las Vegas. The spectacular stunt saw him race up the ramp, soar to the top, making a perfect landing on the roof. He then jumped his bike off the edge of the roof and sped down the monument and landed almost without a bump.

1 | Flying the Fountain

Voted the top motorcycle stunt to date, in 1967 Evel Knievel jumped the Caesars Palace Fountains in Las Vegas. This stunt was the moment modern age professional stunt biking began. Though this jump did come with a few disastrous consequences. Knievel broke more than 30 bones and was nursed in hospital for a month, much of that time he was in a coma. Knievels’ fearlessness is admired my many bikers and even his own influence had an effect on his son, Robbie Knievel who has become a professional biker himself.

Are these your top 5? Think a stunt should be here? Let me know!




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