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Whether you are a beginner or a professional rider you need top quality clothing that will ensure maximum comfort and safety. Here are the top 5 motorcycle clothing brands to look out for:

1 | Spada

Spada clothing is becoming increasingly more popular amongst riders because of the brand’s excellent value for money. The spada clothing range has recently been enhanced with the edition of the Spada Macna range which offers high specification clothing for the same price.

2 | Dainese

Dainese clothing is one of the UK’s most recognised brands because of its style, safety and practicality. Dainese is one of the few brands that are licenced to produce Gore Tex motorcycle clothing. Gore Tex is a durable layer which acts as a barrier against rain, snow and wind. The Gore Tex membrane is used as either as a drop liner between the inner and outer garment layers. Gore Tex motorcycle clothing is ideal for riders who want added insulation as they are designed to keep you warm as well as dry.

3 | Rukka Clothing

Rukka is an independent division of one of Europe’s largest sportswear manufacturers. Known to be the first manufacturer to design waterproof clothing, the brand has continued to remain the brand known for quality waterproof produce. Rukka has enhanced its range, as the current clothing range can be broken down into three catagories: ArmaProtection Series, AirPower Series and Cordura Series. The brand is 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable.

4 | Caberg

Caberg is a successful motorcycle helmet brand that has been around since 1974. Caberg is currently the best selling helmet manufacturer in Germany. The brand suits all types of budgets, but does not compromise quality for price. The full-faced helmets also come with an internal sun visor that can be deployed at any time or tucked away if not needed.

5 | Arai

Arai is a brand like no other. What makes this brand so unique is that each helmet is handmade and goes through three quality control departments, one after the shell has been sculptured, one after paint and another after assembly. What makes these helmets even more special is that each shell is signed by everyone who worked on the helmet so the quality can be tracked back to the manufacturers. Neat huh?! Arai was the first brand to add comfort features to their helmets, including removable cheek pads and different interior shapes.


Arai Quantum Ace Blue Helmet

Arai Quantum Ace Blue Helmet

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