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As we head towards vacation season, us keen motorcyclists are on the hunt for our next motorcycle adventure.  Check out this unique list of destinations and experience the ride of your life.


This is one of the most beautiful destinations and the most fun as well. Ideal for real enthusiasts, you cannot miss the annual Orlando Motorcycle Salon at Orange County Convention Center, which showcases the newest lines of bikes, products, apparel and services for motorcycle enthusiasts. This motorcycle vacation that combines Disney with the Orlando Motorcycle Salon will point your summer road trip to the ‘Happiest Place on Earth!”

Australia’s East Coast

Beginning in Melbourne and heading northeast from New South Wales to Queensland, riders will experience twisting roads, Scenic Mountain and beach routes. Bikers are encouraged to stop at  the Yarrangobilly Caves and Heron Island, located smack in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. Bikers are encouraged to head along the southwest coast  for more challenging roads. Bikers will be treated to adventurous roads hugging Australia’s most beautiful landscapes.

North Carolina

Experience the natural beauty of the Smokey Mountain ranges. North Carolina is known for its adventurous and breath-taking motorcycle routes. The routes are also known for their breathtaking landscapes, exciting outdoor activities, and relaxing hotspots. It has been described by visitors as one of the most socialable routes with a lively and friendly culture.

Lyseboth Road, Norway

This curvy-mountain slide is one of Europe’s greatest motorcycling experiences. Lyseboth is set in Southern Norway and has more twists and turns than a rollorcoaster! This route is ideal for enthusiasts who love an adventure and a challenge.  The thrilling 30 hairpin bends will definitely get your adrenaline pumping.

Christchurch to the Coast,New Zealand

If the coast is more your scene, head ‘down-under’ and enjoy the solitude of New Zealand’s open road and diverse landscapes. Set off from Christchurch and stop in Queenstown before heading to the West Coach to experience some of the most scenic beach routes in the world.

New Mexico

New Mexico is one of America’s most fascinating areas.  The area provides various attractions including a Fire and Ice Rally (July 19th-22nd). This event includes a motorcycle giveaway, a motorcycle rodeo, a poker run, live music and vendors. If that isn’t enough, the area is set amongst various national parks and casinos.

Mae Hong Son Loop, Thailand

Travel to one of the most exotic locations in the world and discover some of the world’s wildest twists and turns best experienced on 2 wheels. Thailand’s Mae Hong Son Loop has more than 1,000 hairpin turns and mind-blowing bends as it snakes through the country’s mountainous countryside passing waterfalls, temples, caves and villages along the way.

We wish you the very best on your travels and we recommend that you wear appropriate motorcycle clothing to keep you well protected on your journey.


Accessories are usually the last thing enthusiasts think about when buying motorcycle gear, however these are just as important as other items of clothing. Although motorcycle gloves are not considered as mandatory gear by law, they are highly important for safety purposes.

In an impact, hands can experience serious damage including, cuts and grazes, abrasions and bruising if gloves are not worn. Wearing gloves while riding improves your control over the clutch, brakes and acceleration, especially in the rain. On a daily basis, motorcycle gloves can prevent riders from getting blisters, caused by clenching the bike handles.

It is important that riders choose gloves that are specficially designed for motorcycle use. Gloves designed for cyclists offer minimum protection against the weather and injuries; therefore it is highly recommended that riders wear gloves specifically designed for motorcyclists.

There is a vast range of gloves on the market with various protective features. To make browsing a little bit easier, consider this checklist:

What to look for

If you are unsure about what to look for in a pair of gloves, consider the following points:

  • Do they have anti-slip grip? – This will stop your hand slipping
  • Do they have padded palms? – Padded palms reduce the vibrations transferred to your hands
  • Are they available in different sizes? – Comfort is just as important as safety. You need gloves that are comfortable and secure
  • Do they come with matching motorcycle clothing?



Race Umbra Gloves

These gloves offer great comfort and security. Racer Umbra gloves have a carbon protector in the back of the hand and soft foam padding in the fingers, as well as Knox scahpoid protectors, basically sliders at the point where your hand tends to come into contact with the ground, so that your hand slides and prevents broken wrists.


Race Umbra Gloves


Dainese Sprog Gore Tex Gloves

First of all, it is worth mentioning that Dainese is one of the world’s recognised and respected motorcycle clothing brands. These exclusive gloves offer a goatskin construction, thermal Primaloft padding, thermoformed techno inserts and are completely waterproof and breathable. These gloves are ideal for extreme riders who need extra comfort and protection.

Dainese Sprog Gore-Tex Gloves

Rukka Atlas Gore-Tex Gloves

Rukka’s Altas Gore-tex gloves offer extreme comfort and support. With a combination of leather and cordura, they will fit securely.  These gloves are ideal for use  in cold and harsh weather conditions as they are fully waterproof and windproof and contain a fleece lining for added warmth. The gloves also boast knuckle and palm protection.

Rukka Atlas Gore-Tex Gloves

Like most motorcycle clothing, the basic, cheaper items are not going to protect you. It is worth paying a little bit more then you know you will be guaranteed protection, comfort and style. Furthermore, more expensive items will be more durable and will therefore last longer, saving you money in the long run. Although not required by law, motorcycle gloves are an important item and should be worn when riding.

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