Riding in the rain: A guide on what to wear

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Riding in the rain can be therapeutic and refreshing. However, many riders avoid riding even if there is a mention of rain in the forecast. In doing so, many riders miss out on great opportunities to ride and experience the reinvigorated feeling most riders get from riding in rain.

The main aspects you need to think of when riding in the rain are how to stay warm and dry and how to improve your level of safety.

There is effective motorcycle clothing available to ensure all these factors are met, so you can have the most enjoyable experience while remaining safe.


First of all, you need a one-piece/two-piece motorcycle suit.

The great thing about the one-piece is that you are guaranteed to stay dry all over. The best waterproof suit on the market at the moment is the Spada System suit. Made with waterproof and windproof nylon, it guarantees maximum protection from the rain and wind. It also comes with waterproof zips and arm adjusters. To ensure maximum warmth, the suit has a removable quilted thermal lining. It has reflective panels so it will make you visible in the foggy weather conditions.

The Spada design also comes in a two piece suit, called the Spada  410. Some riders prefer the two-piece as it is quicker to put on and take off, which can be handy for toilet breaks! It comes equipped with the same features as the one-piece, plus a separate carry bag.

spada 410

It is important to remember your hands when riding, after all they are exposed to the harsh weather as well. So keep them cosy in waterproof gloves. Treat your fingers to the Alpinestars 365 GTX glove. It is made with full-grain leather construction with external stitched construction for extra comfort. It features X-Trafit, the most enhanced waterproof material on the market. The glove is also equipped with race proven PU knuckle protection system for superior impact and abrasion resistance.


In poor weather conditions, you need some reliable boots to ensure the best protection. The Alpinestars Ridge waterproof boot is  waterproof, windproof and breathable, keeping your feet dry in all conditions.

aplinestars ridge

To complete your shield against the harsh weather, invest in a good helmet. As a legal requirement in Europe, it is important to consider these factors when choosing a helmet: is it comfortable? Is it competitively priced? Does it fit properly?


Now you should be geared up with the best waterproof material for riding in the rain. But please remember, riding in the rain can be hazardous. To reduce the risk of accidents, pay more attention to the road and other vehicles around you, allow more space between yourself and other vehicles and increase your braking distance. Be cautious of slippery surfaces such as drains which may become more dangerous in wet conditions.

View more waterproof motorcycle clothing for a comfortable and safe journey.


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