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How To Ride Safely In The Snow

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Motorcycling in the snow doesn’t have to be prevented, providing you prepare well before your journey. Riding in the snow will need a lot of extra care and precaution, as well as warm and protective motorcycle clothing. Most people tend to put their motorcycle in hibernation during the winter, however motorcyclists can ride safety and comfortably in snowy conditions.

Warm motorcycle clothing is essential for riding in cold conditions. Your body’s warmth management system’s main focus is to keep your vital organs warm; therefore it is critical to direct warmth to those areas.

Use this article as a guide on how to protect your body against the cold and how to ride safely.


The type of helmet which benefits riders the most in the snow is a full-face helmet. These helmets are designed to warm your head relativity easy, providing full-coverage .

Caberg Ego Helmet

Caberg Ego Helmet

Full-face helmets are designed with a windproof barrier and a thick layer of insulation for extra protection.

Open-face helmets are not ideal to wear in the cold weather. However, if you cannot afford a helmet for winter and a helmet for summer, there are face shields available from retailers. Face shields are windproof and act as a barrier against the cold, offering high levels of insulation. They tend to cover the lower face and neck.

Motorcycle Jackets

A leather motorcycle jacket is the most recommended jacket to wear in freezing temperatures. Why? Leather has an excellent windproof quality, shielding the body from icy chills and freezing winds. For further protection, thermal garments are great additional layers for insulation and comfort purposes.

Motorcycle Clothing

Spada Classic Cruiser

Motorcycle Trousers

Similar to the torso, legs need to be well insulated too. Leather overpants are great insulators and provide maximum comfort.

Many motorcyclists wear non-leather motorcycle clothing during winter, which is fine as they can provide good protection, however they will not provide the security and warmth needed to deflect the harsh conditions. If you can afford to pay a bit extra, leather motorcycle clothing is far better for you.

Alpinestars bat leather pants

Alpinestars bat leather pants



Gloves are essential gear for cold and snowy weather. Like motorcycle clothing, leather gloves are the best option, simply for their cold-deflecting criteria and crash protection ability. While leather gloves are favoured by many, alternative waterproof and windproof styles are still excellent protectors. Gauntlet gloves are favourable as they will stop the cold creeping up your sleeves. Gauntlet gloves can be bulky, so it is recommended to wear lightweight liners underneath the gloves to provide extra warmth and comfort. The thermal layer will also prevent respiration which may cause loss of grip.

ainese Contact Gore-Tex Xtrafit Gloves

ainese Contact Gore-Tex Xtrafit Gloves

Socks and Boots

Keep feet and toes nice and cosy by wearing sufficient motorcycle footwear. Wear thick and heavy protective socks to keep your feet well insulated. Boots should be waterproof and windproof.

Aplinestars Ridge Boots

Alpinestars Ridge Boots

Why is warmth Important?  

If your body becomes chilled, this may cause you to lose control of your bike. As the cold sets in, in extreme conditions your body may develop hypothermia. If you are riding in the cold, it is important to take as many breaks as possible, for example step inside a service station and drink a hot drink. These small stops and protective motorcycle clothing will make your journey far safer.


Can I ride in snow and icy conditions?

Motorcycling in the snowMotorcyclists can ride in these conditions, providing they are extra cautious. When riding in the snow, riders will need to reduce their speed dramatically, leaving plenty of braking distance. Don’t get too close to other vehicles and be extra vigilant of other vehicles around you.

If you are riding in a blizzard you will be harder to see, so try and anticipate other drivers around you. Vehicles may cut you up or swerve out in front of you if their vision is poor.

Icy roads are extremely dangerous, so ride with care. Look out for spots of black ice and remember to slow down when turning corners, drains can become very slippy when covered in frost and ice.


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