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We found this nice little article which identifies the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in the UK.

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How To Ride Safely In The Snow

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Motorcycling in the snow doesn’t have to be prevented, providing you prepare well before your journey. Riding in the snow will need a lot of extra care and precaution, as well as warm and protective motorcycle clothing. Most people tend to put their motorcycle in hibernation during the winter, however motorcyclists can ride safety and comfortably in snowy conditions.

Warm motorcycle clothing is essential for riding in cold conditions. Your body’s warmth management system’s main focus is to keep your vital organs warm; therefore it is critical to direct warmth to those areas.

Use this article as a guide on how to protect your body against the cold and how to ride safely.


The type of helmet which benefits riders the most in the snow is a full-face helmet. These helmets are designed to warm your head relativity easy, providing full-coverage .

Caberg Ego Helmet

Caberg Ego Helmet

Full-face helmets are designed with a windproof barrier and a thick layer of insulation for extra protection.

Open-face helmets are not ideal to wear in the cold weather. However, if you cannot afford a helmet for winter and a helmet for summer, there are face shields available from retailers. Face shields are windproof and act as a barrier against the cold, offering high levels of insulation. They tend to cover the lower face and neck.

Motorcycle Jackets

A leather motorcycle jacket is the most recommended jacket to wear in freezing temperatures. Why? Leather has an excellent windproof quality, shielding the body from icy chills and freezing winds. For further protection, thermal garments are great additional layers for insulation and comfort purposes.

Motorcycle Clothing

Spada Classic Cruiser

Motorcycle Trousers

Similar to the torso, legs need to be well insulated too. Leather overpants are great insulators and provide maximum comfort.

Many motorcyclists wear non-leather motorcycle clothing during winter, which is fine as they can provide good protection, however they will not provide the security and warmth needed to deflect the harsh conditions. If you can afford to pay a bit extra, leather motorcycle clothing is far better for you.

Alpinestars bat leather pants

Alpinestars bat leather pants



Gloves are essential gear for cold and snowy weather. Like motorcycle clothing, leather gloves are the best option, simply for their cold-deflecting criteria and crash protection ability. While leather gloves are favoured by many, alternative waterproof and windproof styles are still excellent protectors. Gauntlet gloves are favourable as they will stop the cold creeping up your sleeves. Gauntlet gloves can be bulky, so it is recommended to wear lightweight liners underneath the gloves to provide extra warmth and comfort. The thermal layer will also prevent respiration which may cause loss of grip.

ainese Contact Gore-Tex Xtrafit Gloves

ainese Contact Gore-Tex Xtrafit Gloves

Socks and Boots

Keep feet and toes nice and cosy by wearing sufficient motorcycle footwear. Wear thick and heavy protective socks to keep your feet well insulated. Boots should be waterproof and windproof.

Aplinestars Ridge Boots

Alpinestars Ridge Boots

Why is warmth Important?  

If your body becomes chilled, this may cause you to lose control of your bike. As the cold sets in, in extreme conditions your body may develop hypothermia. If you are riding in the cold, it is important to take as many breaks as possible, for example step inside a service station and drink a hot drink. These small stops and protective motorcycle clothing will make your journey far safer.


Can I ride in snow and icy conditions?

Motorcycling in the snowMotorcyclists can ride in these conditions, providing they are extra cautious. When riding in the snow, riders will need to reduce their speed dramatically, leaving plenty of braking distance. Don’t get too close to other vehicles and be extra vigilant of other vehicles around you.

If you are riding in a blizzard you will be harder to see, so try and anticipate other drivers around you. Vehicles may cut you up or swerve out in front of you if their vision is poor.

Icy roads are extremely dangerous, so ride with care. Look out for spots of black ice and remember to slow down when turning corners, drains can become very slippy when covered in frost and ice.


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Riding in the rain can be therapeutic and refreshing. However, many riders avoid riding even if there is a mention of rain in the forecast. In doing so, many riders miss out on great opportunities to ride and experience the reinvigorated feeling most riders get from riding in rain.

The main aspects you need to think of when riding in the rain are how to stay warm and dry and how to improve your level of safety.

There is effective motorcycle clothing available to ensure all these factors are met, so you can have the most enjoyable experience while remaining safe.


First of all, you need a one-piece/two-piece motorcycle suit.

The great thing about the one-piece is that you are guaranteed to stay dry all over. The best waterproof suit on the market at the moment is the Spada System suit. Made with waterproof and windproof nylon, it guarantees maximum protection from the rain and wind. It also comes with waterproof zips and arm adjusters. To ensure maximum warmth, the suit has a removable quilted thermal lining. It has reflective panels so it will make you visible in the foggy weather conditions.

The Spada design also comes in a two piece suit, called the Spada  410. Some riders prefer the two-piece as it is quicker to put on and take off, which can be handy for toilet breaks! It comes equipped with the same features as the one-piece, plus a separate carry bag.

spada 410

It is important to remember your hands when riding, after all they are exposed to the harsh weather as well. So keep them cosy in waterproof gloves. Treat your fingers to the Alpinestars 365 GTX glove. It is made with full-grain leather construction with external stitched construction for extra comfort. It features X-Trafit, the most enhanced waterproof material on the market. The glove is also equipped with race proven PU knuckle protection system for superior impact and abrasion resistance.


In poor weather conditions, you need some reliable boots to ensure the best protection. The Alpinestars Ridge waterproof boot is  waterproof, windproof and breathable, keeping your feet dry in all conditions.

aplinestars ridge

To complete your shield against the harsh weather, invest in a good helmet. As a legal requirement in Europe, it is important to consider these factors when choosing a helmet: is it comfortable? Is it competitively priced? Does it fit properly?


Now you should be geared up with the best waterproof material for riding in the rain. But please remember, riding in the rain can be hazardous. To reduce the risk of accidents, pay more attention to the road and other vehicles around you, allow more space between yourself and other vehicles and increase your braking distance. Be cautious of slippery surfaces such as drains which may become more dangerous in wet conditions.

View more waterproof motorcycle clothing for a comfortable and safe journey.

The bitter cold winter has gradually crept its way into Britain this past week with temperatures dropping below zero degrees. While the views become pristine and picturesque, the roads become more dangerous due to wet, frost, ice and foggy conditions.

To be a safe motorist this winter you will need to consider three main areas: your driving, your bike and your clothing. It doesn’t matter if you have been riding for one year or ten years, every biker needs to ride with caution during these dangerous weather conditions.

How to ride safely

Bikers need to ride with extra care during winter; they need to be far more alert and ride at a much lower speed. The slower the speed, the more observant you will be, allowing you to anticipate any hazards on the roads.

Riding at a lower speed will improve your reaction times and improve your ability to perform on the motorcycle. A slower pace will also allow for greater braking distance which is necessary when roads are wet or icy. The recommended braking distance in wet conditions is a 4 second gap.

Motorcycling in the snow

Other motorists unfortunately may not be taking the same precautions as you, and this is something you need to be prepared for. If they are driving unsafely, they may be a hazard to you so make sure you leave plenty of distance between yourself and other vehicles.

Corners become far more dangerous so make sure you slow down before reaching your point of turn. Also be wary of wet leaves and mud which tend to cement themselves on the roads, these tend to make roads unsafe, so ride with care to avoid skidding.

If you are concerned about your commute, it is best to plan your journey well ahead. Leave in plenty of time and anticipate slower traffic. You need to accept that your commute may take longer in winter.

How to prepare your motorcycle

Your motorcycle needs a lot more care in winter before you set out on the road.

Check your tyres when they are cold and make sure they meet the recommended tread. The UK minimum is 1mm. Check for any damages and make sure they have the correct pressure. If you are concerned about the quality of your tyres,  you get them seen to before they become a hazard.

Tools of the Trade - Motorcycle Mechanic

Photo credit: <a href=””>JackAZ Photography</a> / <a href=””>Foter</a&gt; / <a href=””>CC BY-NC-SA</a>

You can protect your bike by using a bike wash and avoid using excessive amounts of anti-freeze. If you use too much, the engine tends to overheat because glycol has poor heat transfer capabilities compared to water.

Look after your chain by keeping it regularly lubricated with chain oil. Always make sure it is well adjusted as wet and salty roads damage motorcycle chains.

Take some time to check your battery; your battery will be working harder in the winter months because of the low temperatures so always check that it is charged. Trickle chargers are a great investment as they ensure your batteries are ready every morning.

How to dress appropriately for riding

Keeping yourself safe is just as important as keep your bike safe. Investing in specialist winter riding gear will significantly improve your comfort, warmth and support.

Leather motorcycle clothing is probably the most beneficial gear as it protects against the ice cold winds and freezing temperatures. One piece suits are the best protectors as the cold is less likely to creep in.

Alternatively, there is plenty of motorcycle clothing on the market made from modern technology, specifically designed to be more efficient in cold conditions. Gore-tex is breathable, windproof and waterproof and acts as an excellent barrier against bad conditions during winter. Garments made from gore-tex usually have a thermal lining providing further warmth. The lining is usually removable, making the garments suitable for both winter and summer.

As a rule of thumb, good winter motorcycle clothing should be double-lined and made with man-made fibres.

It is important to try on motorcycle clothing for fit and comfort purposes. Try on clothing as if you were seated on your bike. A jacket may fit well while standing, however the jacket may rise up your body while seated, meaning there are gaps where the cold can get through.


Many riders believe tight-fit motorcycle clothing equals more warmth, when actually looser outerwear improves circulation. Never wear two pairs of socks as the tightness will reduce circulation, meaning your feet with become colder, quicker.

Protect your hands by wearing suitable gloves. Leather or waterproof gloves are appropriate. You can even buy liner gloves which can be worn as thermals.

Balaclavas and neck tubes are cheap to buy and will protect your nose and ears from the cold.

Pin-lock or visor linings will prevent your visor becoming misty in the cold weather. This will enable you to keep your visor shut throughout your journey.

Prepare and ride with care this winter and wrap up warm in appropriate motorcycle clothing for a safer commute.

The Forcefield Pro Shirt

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Forcefield has specifcially designed this advanced shirt to offer superior comfort and protection.

This advanced design has a low profile M15 back protector attached to a BeCool layer. BeCool is a unique material made from x-shaped fibres which acts as a fan during movement, eliminating any warm air, thus keeping you cool and dry. The super light and super thin M15 back protector, moulds into the shape of the wearer, ensuring maximum comfort and support.

Forcefield have attached elbow and shoulder armour which is 3D moulded. Using Nitrex Evo material, the armour absorbs repeated impacts with no loss of performance.

The shirt meets the back protector requirement EN1621-2 Level 2, by using a special polymer rubber.

All armour can be removed from the shirt and is suitable for washing.

Get your hands on your Forcefield Pro Shirt at If you have a club infinity card, make sure you use it by August 8th 2012 and you will be entered into a prize draw  to win one of these fantastic shirts.

Suomy Jet 70’s Open Face Helmet

If you like minimal, you will love Suomy Jet 70’s style. Suomy Jet 70’s consist of minimal and sleek designs – no flashy stripes or logos.

Suomy Jet 70’s collection of helmets is 100% hand made in Italy with impeccable precision and taste. The shell itself is made of a combination of fiberglass and composite fabrics in various grammages.

The shell has a special shape which allows air to flow along the entire surface without generating vortices or turbulence, making the helmet secure and stable.

The helmet also comes with an internal sunvisor made in thermoformed and   anti-scratch coating.

Suomy Jet 70’s helmets also boast of removable and washable cheek pads, available in different thicknesses to suit your personal requirements.

Perfect for wearing in wet weather, the helmets have a removeable Coolmax lining which wicks away any water.


Caberg Riviera V2 Diva Helmet

This is one for the ladies. This helmet has been specifically designed for  city use.  The helmet has a double shell size guaranteeing the best proportion between the shell volume and the motorcyclist’s head size.

Riviera V2 is equipped with an  exclusive Double Visor Tech system (scratch free). It has an easy to use sun visor, which allows the rider to ride with their preferred  providing maximum safety. Furthermore, the visor has a quick release system which doesn’t require any tools for the disassembly.

Riviera V2 also has a micrometric safety belt buckle fastening, providing maximum support and security.

The lining is completely removable and washable.

Riviera V2 is available on white and black bright base or matt black base.


Caberg V2RR Road Pirat Helmet Silver

Now for the men. The Caberg V2RR is one of the best thermoplastic helmets on the market simply for its technical details and quality. Similar to the women’s Caberg helmets, the V2R is equipped with a double visor system (Double Visor Tech, allowing riders to alter the light they ride in. The ventilation system comes with two adjustable air vents; a chin vent, and a back air extractor which both regulate the best temperature inside of the helmet. The lining is completely removable and washable. Similar to the Riviera V2, the quick release visor system (Easy Touch System) is very easy to use and it does not require any tools for the disassembly.



HJC Full Face Helmets

HJC is proud of being one of the best motorcycle helmet brands on the market. Offering high quality, comfortable and reasonably priced helmets, it is no wonder their brand has continued to expand, proving popular with consumers.

The HJC IS-16 Touring Helmet in particular is excellent value for money.

The helmet is made from a lightweight polycarbonate shell with full front to back ventilation. It boasts of a 3D shaped, quick release visor, complete with anti-fog coating and 95% UV protection, making it the perfect helmet for riding in a variety of weather condition.

HJCIS-16 has a high quality Silvercool lining which wicks away moisture and anti-bacterial treatment keeps the lining fresh. The lining is also removable and washable.

All HJC helmets are extremely light-weight offering maximum rider comfort.

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As we head towards vacation season, us keen motorcyclists are on the hunt for our next motorcycle adventure.  Check out this unique list of destinations and experience the ride of your life.


This is one of the most beautiful destinations and the most fun as well. Ideal for real enthusiasts, you cannot miss the annual Orlando Motorcycle Salon at Orange County Convention Center, which showcases the newest lines of bikes, products, apparel and services for motorcycle enthusiasts. This motorcycle vacation that combines Disney with the Orlando Motorcycle Salon will point your summer road trip to the ‘Happiest Place on Earth!”

Australia’s East Coast

Beginning in Melbourne and heading northeast from New South Wales to Queensland, riders will experience twisting roads, Scenic Mountain and beach routes. Bikers are encouraged to stop at  the Yarrangobilly Caves and Heron Island, located smack in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. Bikers are encouraged to head along the southwest coast  for more challenging roads. Bikers will be treated to adventurous roads hugging Australia’s most beautiful landscapes.

North Carolina

Experience the natural beauty of the Smokey Mountain ranges. North Carolina is known for its adventurous and breath-taking motorcycle routes. The routes are also known for their breathtaking landscapes, exciting outdoor activities, and relaxing hotspots. It has been described by visitors as one of the most socialable routes with a lively and friendly culture.

Lyseboth Road, Norway

This curvy-mountain slide is one of Europe’s greatest motorcycling experiences. Lyseboth is set in Southern Norway and has more twists and turns than a rollorcoaster! This route is ideal for enthusiasts who love an adventure and a challenge.  The thrilling 30 hairpin bends will definitely get your adrenaline pumping.

Christchurch to the Coast,New Zealand

If the coast is more your scene, head ‘down-under’ and enjoy the solitude of New Zealand’s open road and diverse landscapes. Set off from Christchurch and stop in Queenstown before heading to the West Coach to experience some of the most scenic beach routes in the world.

New Mexico

New Mexico is one of America’s most fascinating areas.  The area provides various attractions including a Fire and Ice Rally (July 19th-22nd). This event includes a motorcycle giveaway, a motorcycle rodeo, a poker run, live music and vendors. If that isn’t enough, the area is set amongst various national parks and casinos.

Mae Hong Son Loop, Thailand

Travel to one of the most exotic locations in the world and discover some of the world’s wildest twists and turns best experienced on 2 wheels. Thailand’s Mae Hong Son Loop has more than 1,000 hairpin turns and mind-blowing bends as it snakes through the country’s mountainous countryside passing waterfalls, temples, caves and villages along the way.

We wish you the very best on your travels and we recommend that you wear appropriate motorcycle clothing to keep you well protected on your journey.

Accessories are usually the last thing enthusiasts think about when buying motorcycle gear, however these are just as important as other items of clothing. Although motorcycle gloves are not considered as mandatory gear by law, they are highly important for safety purposes.

In an impact, hands can experience serious damage including, cuts and grazes, abrasions and bruising if gloves are not worn. Wearing gloves while riding improves your control over the clutch, brakes and acceleration, especially in the rain. On a daily basis, motorcycle gloves can prevent riders from getting blisters, caused by clenching the bike handles.

It is important that riders choose gloves that are specficially designed for motorcycle use. Gloves designed for cyclists offer minimum protection against the weather and injuries; therefore it is highly recommended that riders wear gloves specifically designed for motorcyclists.

There is a vast range of gloves on the market with various protective features. To make browsing a little bit easier, consider this checklist:

What to look for

If you are unsure about what to look for in a pair of gloves, consider the following points:

  • Do they have anti-slip grip? – This will stop your hand slipping
  • Do they have padded palms? – Padded palms reduce the vibrations transferred to your hands
  • Are they available in different sizes? – Comfort is just as important as safety. You need gloves that are comfortable and secure
  • Do they come with matching motorcycle clothing?



Race Umbra Gloves

These gloves offer great comfort and security. Racer Umbra gloves have a carbon protector in the back of the hand and soft foam padding in the fingers, as well as Knox scahpoid protectors, basically sliders at the point where your hand tends to come into contact with the ground, so that your hand slides and prevents broken wrists.


Race Umbra Gloves


Dainese Sprog Gore Tex Gloves

First of all, it is worth mentioning that Dainese is one of the world’s recognised and respected motorcycle clothing brands. These exclusive gloves offer a goatskin construction, thermal Primaloft padding, thermoformed techno inserts and are completely waterproof and breathable. These gloves are ideal for extreme riders who need extra comfort and protection.

Dainese Sprog Gore-Tex Gloves

Rukka Atlas Gore-Tex Gloves

Rukka’s Altas Gore-tex gloves offer extreme comfort and support. With a combination of leather and cordura, they will fit securely.  These gloves are ideal for use  in cold and harsh weather conditions as they are fully waterproof and windproof and contain a fleece lining for added warmth. The gloves also boast knuckle and palm protection.

Rukka Atlas Gore-Tex Gloves

Like most motorcycle clothing, the basic, cheaper items are not going to protect you. It is worth paying a little bit more then you know you will be guaranteed protection, comfort and style. Furthermore, more expensive items will be more durable and will therefore last longer, saving you money in the long run. Although not required by law, motorcycle gloves are an important item and should be worn when riding.

View more motorcycle accessories at


Whether you are a beginner or a professional rider you need top quality clothing that will ensure maximum comfort and safety. Here are the top 5 motorcycle clothing brands to look out for:

1 | Spada

Spada clothing is becoming increasingly more popular amongst riders because of the brand’s excellent value for money. The spada clothing range has recently been enhanced with the edition of the Spada Macna range which offers high specification clothing for the same price.

2 | Dainese

Dainese clothing is one of the UK’s most recognised brands because of its style, safety and practicality. Dainese is one of the few brands that are licenced to produce Gore Tex motorcycle clothing. Gore Tex is a durable layer which acts as a barrier against rain, snow and wind. The Gore Tex membrane is used as either as a drop liner between the inner and outer garment layers. Gore Tex motorcycle clothing is ideal for riders who want added insulation as they are designed to keep you warm as well as dry.

3 | Rukka Clothing

Rukka is an independent division of one of Europe’s largest sportswear manufacturers. Known to be the first manufacturer to design waterproof clothing, the brand has continued to remain the brand known for quality waterproof produce. Rukka has enhanced its range, as the current clothing range can be broken down into three catagories: ArmaProtection Series, AirPower Series and Cordura Series. The brand is 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable.

4 | Caberg

Caberg is a successful motorcycle helmet brand that has been around since 1974. Caberg is currently the best selling helmet manufacturer in Germany. The brand suits all types of budgets, but does not compromise quality for price. The full-faced helmets also come with an internal sun visor that can be deployed at any time or tucked away if not needed.

5 | Arai

Arai is a brand like no other. What makes this brand so unique is that each helmet is handmade and goes through three quality control departments, one after the shell has been sculptured, one after paint and another after assembly. What makes these helmets even more special is that each shell is signed by everyone who worked on the helmet so the quality can be tracked back to the manufacturers. Neat huh?! Arai was the first brand to add comfort features to their helmets, including removable cheek pads and different interior shapes.


Arai Quantum Ace Blue Helmet

Arai Quantum Ace Blue Helmet

View more information about these motorcycle clothing brands.